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 I took in two laptops recently, both working but had some other problems that needed reviewing. Mine was very quickly diagnosed as being dangerous as the battery was swelling and distorting the case. I'd noticed this but hadn;t realised what it was or that it was a ticking time-bomb and it wasn't the problem I'd gone in with. That was dealt with by a new power supply and I was only charged for that even though they also removed and disposed of the dangerous battery and gave the laptop a clean. All done same day - brilliant. Same for my wife's laptop which had a broken hinge. That was also diagnosed quickly and I was given a quote but we both agreed that it was too much given the cost of the laptop and anyway we can still use it as long as we don;t close the lid which is not a problem. Again the laptop was cleaned but there was no charge at all when I picked it up. Both the chaps I dealt with were friendly and informative and resolved the problems quickly and effectively at low cost. I cannot praise them highly enough. 

Roger Tilbury, 11 Oct 2022

 You will not go wrong if you use these friendly, knowledgeable and helpful people. Power Computing have been our technical support for many years. I have to say that they are second to none if there is any IT issues.  

Vernon Wachter, 16 Aug 2022

 The time had come to replace / upgrade the home PC. I visited Currys. I interacted with a used car salesman, who said his assistant would help when I camE back the following day after thinking it over - the following day, it was clarified that there was as much cost associated with all the 'bundling' extras, the installation costs, and the guarantees that I said thanks and goodbye. I visited PowerComputing based purely on the review feedback, and it was absolutely accurate. Personalised bespoke service, no hidden extras, competitive price with a much higher specification - exceptionally impressed, and powerc.com will be my future port of call for all IT issues, personal and professional. Sincere thanks. BB 

Ben Bamber, 13 Jul 2022

 I contacted Power Computing today as my PC, purchased in 2012,had developed a fault in the Network resulting in " No Internet". Antonio in your Service team quickly took me through a process to correct the fault. It is heartening in these difficult times when customer service has hit rock bottom to find such excellent and efficient assistance  

David Gordon SCOTT, 09 Jun 2022

 Just received my third PC from power computing All three were just what I ordered all replaced to upgrade my system But now I got a video of the build for my PC kept informed at all times And extremely quick delivery safely packaged Better components than others better price than others 5 stars in every aspect of this sale 

Alex Connelly, 26 Apr 2022

 My previous box from Power Computing lasted 14 years! I have been forced to replace it with a barebones i3 from Power C owing to a motherboard issue. Purchasing from the company Is painless and very efficient. I now have a blisteringly fast desktop, admittedly running Linux (I am a retired Academic research IT professional) šŸ˜Ž The internal cabling is very neatly done, I hope that I have not made it messy with my addition of 4 SATA drives! See you again in another 14 years!  

Les Oswald , 09 Apr 2022

 I've just purchased my 3rd PC from Power Computing. The previous 2 machines were great machines and I didn't have any issues with them at all. The previous machine has lasted 7 years and is still going strong, even through some upgrades, extra drives, new graphics cards etc. This latest machine is a high spec gaming PC. The web site is really easy to use, choose and modify your selection to get exactly what you require. It took less than a week from placing the order to receiving my new machine. It has run without any issues and performs really well on most games. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a anything from a basic home machine to a high spec gaming rig. 

Adam Harvey, 07 Apr 2022

 I have been using Power Computing since my Amiga days and I have just bought my third PC from them. I bought my last one nearly 13 years ago and apart from a new power supply a couple of years ago, it has been running daily without any problems and survived all the upgrades through Windows Vista, 8, 8.1 and 10. Although it's still a capable machine for day-to-day stuff, it's not up to the task of modern games, and it won't run Windows 11, so for my new PC it was back to Power Computing to build me something amazing to see me through the next 13 years. A few queries were answered quickly (on a bank holiday), and the new PC was built and delivered in under a week. My new PC has been built to an excellent standard, with everything fitted neatly and all cables tidied. I like to set things up my way, but less confident customers can be reassured that Power Computing will set up your disks, install Windows, install all hardware drivers, and set up a suitable username so that you can just unpack it, plug it in and get up and running. I will always recommend Power Computing for pre-built PCs. The build quality is superb, the prices are very competitive, and the customer service is great too. 

Matt Bloomfield, 24 Jan 2022

 Thanks for the quick build and delivery of my last order. I created the customised order on Sunday evening and it arrived on Thursday morning. My son now has a high quality bespoke gaming PC. I've been using Power Computing for the past 15 years and hope to use them for another 15! 

Stuart, 18 Jan 2022

 My old computer from PowerC went phut after years and years of service. PowerC gave me the bad news that the chip had fried itself and it was new chip or new computer. They gave me a great price for a new computer, bespoke built for my needs and assured me , as a complete computer illiterate, that all I needed to do was plug it in and it would work. That's exactly what happened, 30 minutes scrabbling under the desk for the leads, 10 setting up the e-mail, and off it went, first time. I'm not sure how but it sort of set itself up to look exactly like my old one and all the files reappeared. Major retailers are just interested in flogging you the PC and then you are on your own whereas the advice and service from PowerC is exemplary. Thanks guys. 

David, 24 Dec 2021


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