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Gaming PCs

Choose from one of our Intel 10th Gen Comet Lake i3, i5, i7, i9 or AMD Ryzen 3, 5, 7 or 9 custom gaming PCs. All our systems are built and crafted by experienced engineers here in the UK who are ready to start configuring your perfect gaming PC for you! If you want to push your games to the limit, customise an Ultimate Gaming PC to include the latest, greatest components possible.
£704.95 inc VAT
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£1,259.95 inc VAT
product image
£1,589.95 inc VAT
product image
£1,609.95 inc VAT
product image
£1,629.95 inc VAT
product image
£3,899.95 inc VAT
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Home PCs

Choose from one of our Home custom PCs featuring the new 7th gen Kaby Lake cpu. Start configuring your perfect Custom PC from our Intel i5 or i7 desktop PC systems. If you just need a basic PC for browsing the web and checking emails then start with our Pentium i3 i5 Entry Custom PC and customise it to suit your needs. if you want something small to save space choose one of the small Mini ITX custom PC options. To build a more powerful system, getting more out of your PC, playing web games, editing photos or videos etc., choose our intel i5 i7 Custom Performance PC.
£379.95 inc VAT
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£529.95 inc VAT
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Our 2 Year Warranty

We are so confident about the quality of our systems that we are able to cover our PC Systems with a two-year, free collect-and-delivery, warranty on parts and labour.


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