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One of my favourite jobs. A customer asked me to upgrade their anti-virus and clean the PC up. The computer was purchased from us in 2013 and has a 2nd Generation intel i3 and 4GB of Memory. I explained to the customer that I could upgrade their anti-virus and upgrade the memory to 8GB, in addition i could Transfer all data, settings and programmes to a solid state drive which would guarantee that the computer will feel like a brand new super quick PC. The customer agreed and I told him that the computer will be ready the next day. This PC had become so slow, which they probably got used to and didn't know any different. Once I cloned all the data and programmes I ran a full health check and cleanup, this PC now boots up in 10secs and is ready to use. I highly recommend that if you are not looking for a new PC let Power Computing give your PC a new lease of life by adding an SSD and performing a cleanup.

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  • 18/12/2019
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