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We have just started building Gaming PCs with the newly released Nvidia GTX 1660 Super Graphics card. This graphics card is at the right price point for Gaming and is an amazing choice if you are looking for a Gaming PC. This graphics card replaces the Nvidia GTX 1660 and GTX 1660 TI and is at the price point of the GTX 1660 so well done Nvidia in releasing this graphics card at the correct price point.

I believe this graphics card is definitely a good choice for a gaming pc. So to summarise to make a good affordable Gaming PC choose at least an intel i3 9100 CPU, 16GB of ram if possible 8GB is fine a SSD drive 480GB minimum or 1TB as they are very affordable now and without question the Nvidia GTX 1660 Super Graphics Card. In fact I have made up a great specification PC on our PreBuilt Section please click on the link below to have a look or order. Video included is a video of how the PC will look 😀

Check out the build here.

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  • 22/11/2019
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